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We are owned by Beijing DaXing District Aisha Clothing Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2015. We have our own factory in Beijing. In order to provide more styles (more than 6000 styles), we have formed alliances with many clothing, jewelry, sexy underwear manufacturers, specializing in the production of export goods from Jiangsu, Guangdong, and Fujian in China, which allows us to provide a large number of fashionable styles at low and Wholesale price.

We provide various types of fashion clothes, jewelry, sexy underwear, and other accessories. We pay attention to high quality, pay attention to every detail and keep up with world trends, so we update our products every day. We take pride in providing both ultra-low wholesale prices and good quality. We provide excellent service and are still working hard to improve.

As we provide quality goods and services, 85% of our customers will place orders again. We are one of the most reliable fashion wholesalers and hope to establish long-term and specific relationships with our customers.

Welcome to cooperation with Aisha Clothing!

Business address (no returns or exchanges are accepted):

No.23, SiYuan Road, DaXing District, Beijing, China